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no weapon was used or found. or go on lock down. here's why. >> that's so vital rule of the security office to assess the situation. and they were assessing the situation of what they were hearing from the witness ands what they understood and by their assessment, there was not an immediate need for an alert. we send out alerts or we lock down a campus when there is an immediate physical risk or arm. and it was a verbal threat. there was no weapons seen on the individual or seen in the vicinity. there was no indication of plans. but what he said was concerning enough that they came to our security office. >> now, a lot of students had no idea what went on this afternoon and even at this hour, a lot have no idea there was a threat here on campus. school officials say any threat at this point has been diverted. tht
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is the very latest. maureen umeh, fox 5 news. >> thank you. >> also new at 5:00, police are hoping a rap song will lead them to the suspects accused of robbing a recording student. paul is live. >> reporter: last friday morning, two men showed up unannounced here at this recording studio and cut a deal with a recording group that was already inside. they paid $60 to record a rap song. once they were done, they came outside. retrieved a gun and went back inside and robbed as many as five people of wallets, cell phones and cash. now, there's no security video that will give the police any clues as to what these men looked like. however, it's the song that left behind that the police are hoping will
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solve this case. >> typically it's our understanding protocol is you have to schedule an appointment. we understand that the robbers in this particular case did not have an appointment. they just literally came in off the street. there were some patrons in the studio working. they welcomed these gentleman in and produced a sound track. >> ♪ [ rap music ] >> we believe there were five or six people in the studio at the time in addition to the two bad guys. and they produced a weapon and basically robbed them of their personal belongings. cell phone, jewelry, credit cards, cash. everything.
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we believe there are two suspects, yes. >> and one of them was a singer? >> well, one or both of them. sounds like both of them were part of this audio tape. we're hoping someone will recognize either the contents or the voices and hope there's some voice recognition. >> now, i talked to the general manager of the studio who came by here ju a little while ago. he tells me that based on the words to that song, the words that are included in that song, he believes that these men have connections here so they are hoping anybody who might recognize this song or recognize the voices that's on that recording will give the police a call tonight so they can help solve this case. will, back to you. >> thanks for the update. >> firefighters in prince georges county are still on the
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scene of massive warehouse fire that broke out around 3:00 p.m. in land over. this is the vie from sky fox. you can see the smoke out of the building. one worker is hurt and being treated for serious burns. >> staying in maryland, state police are investigating a deadly accident in frederick county. happened about 1:30 this afternoon near new market. a tractor trailer and pick-up truck collided at green valley and ed mcclain roads. two people were killed. a third person seriously hu. no word on what caused the accident. >> the actor who performs as elmo is taking a leave of absence. accused of having a relationship with a 16-year-old boy. the teen who is 23 first made the allegations back in june. issued a statement saying
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the allegations were unsubstantiated but was disciplined for violating company policy. >> the accused east coast rapist tells the washington post he doesn't know why he attacked so many women. erin thomas is his name and says he viewed women as objects but knows there's something wrong with him. abducting three women in prince william county three years ago and raping a woman back in 2001. >> the fall out continues from the resignation of ex-cia director david patraeus. he was shocked to learn his former buyographer and mistress she may have viewed as a romantic viral. what's the latest? >> reporter: we can't tell you where paula is. reports did have her placed here in washington in advance of what
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was to be a 40th birthday party which has been canceled by her husband in north carolina. fox 5 went to the home of paula's brother in northwest dc today where neighbors told us they believe they have seen her recently. a man who appeared to be her brother asked us to leave the property when we asked if she was there. he walked away and did not answer. congress appears ready to start questioning about resignation and relationship with the married mother of two. a 35 year veteran of the cia told us today he views the scandal as a potential security threat. he is now the director of the spy museum. >> whether it's the director or a case officer or analyst, if there is something in their life that is elicit, illegal and that would be -- they would not want to have exposed, it opens them to some sort of vulnerability.
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>> the fbi reportedly told david patraeus that he sent e-mails. the associated pressquoted as saying the general is shocked that broadwell would have sent such e-mails. >> all right. thank you, tom. >> on this veteran's day we honor all those who served and currently serve in the u.s. military. some veterans say they don't get the same respect as vets from the 50 states. even has to do with the display of this behind me. the district flag. leaders are using the day to bring attention to this issue. >> if you look closely at the dc war memorial, you'll see the names of those who gave their lives defending the united states and world war i. but just as it is now, those brave
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americans never had representation in congress. >> it's one of those things that's really been painful. it's caused anger. it's just total disrespect. >> it's tragic this nation still sees certain people as less than equal. >> and i'm telling you i'm so proud of them. >> she attended her son's boot camp graduation ceremony at the naval station great lakes. when it came time to display flags and cheer from the graduates, there was no district flag and no recognition for the graduates who called dc home. >> they went down the line and i'm saying this can't be. there was no flag for the district of columbia. >> congress woman says this should never happen again and is asking congress and the president to require dc flags be displayed whenever flags of the
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50 states are shown. >> district of columbia veterans along with the veterans of the 50 states pure and simple , there is no difference. >> i wasn't mad but truly disappointed and i was hurt and thought it just wasn't fair. >> earlier this year, a memorandum was sent from the u.s. naval to commanders of the field giving them digression to use the district flag when the other 50 flags are flown. but many believe that should have been a direct order. in the district, fox 5 news. >> and on this federal holiday to mark veteran's day, hundreds of janitors are unhappy. they haven't been paid in a couple week ands filed a complaint with their union. the union says the janitors don't want to go on strike out of concern for the patients but they have filed a woman plaint against the federal contractor. so far no comment
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from that contractor. >> people here in the district are working to help victims of super storm sandy. representatives are trying to fill a truck of 53 foot trailer with supplies for people in need. the trailer is at 1050 brentwood road in northeast. >> this being a non-profit organization, having that many things over the years to help people, we just could not sit back and not do nothing. here we are trying to do something to help the people in new york and new jersey. they are in desperate need and we all need to come out and support them. >> the group will be there every single day until the trailer is full. >> great idea. it's a brilliant location . you have the giant on one side where you can get the nonparishables and go to the home depot. as we continue on the 5. moving day for a marine who could use a new home. find out who pitched in. >> and lance armstrong severs
5:11 pm
ties with a charity near and dear to his heart. >> why getting the flu during pregnancy comes with risks. dr. oz joins us live to talk about that topic and more as we continue. >> the clouds have come in so you know things are changing. won't be long now we're going to talk about rain coming across the area. how long is it going to stick around and what happens once the rain moves on? first look at your forecast all coming up. stay with us. 
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lance armstrong is no longer associated with the livestrong charity he founded. he resigned from the board of directors november 4th. he previously resigned as chairman but kept his seat on the board. now, he is cut off from the charity. a spokes person says he will remain the inspiration for live strong and still the charity's largest donor. >> in tonight's health alert, mother's to be who have the flu or prolonged fever may have increased risk to give birth to a child with autism. found children born to women who reported having the flu while pregnant were twice as likely and three times as likely if women were reported having a fever. dr. oz joins us live. always great to have
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you here. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks. >> on the surface, this is alarming. should moms to be be concerned? >> i'm worried about this information that was studied 10 years ago and they asked these women lots of questions. and they saw what happened to the kids born to those women over the 10 years. and what they found was women who had a flu or symptoms like a flu seemed to have children who were more likely to have early autism. increasing a lot in this country. might be a clue as to why that's occurring. >> what if anything should you do if you are a pregnant woman and hearing this study? you can't live in a bubble. what do we need to do? >> again, the calls for getting vaccinated when you are pregnant have gotten louder as a result of this study but makes sense it
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enhances immune system. i must caution women, it was not a huge increase. and only in the early types of autism. i don't think you should go out and start panicking but making sure you don't get the flu is a wise thing to do. >> for years we've been doing if you cut the cashes you are going to lose -- carbs you are going to lose weight. but also colon cancer reoccurrence. what happens? >> this is a huge study. 1,000 people who had colon cancer that required chemotherapy and didn't do anything fancy. and they found people were having unhealthy processed foods had a higher instance of recurring cancer after the same therapies others were eating a healthier diet were taking. that's a wake up call. not just because you might not end up but more importantly prevent cancer. one more block in this big wall
5:17 pm
we're building that proves that the diet we eat impacts the chance of us getting cancer. i'm quite certain the results are applicable to many other cancers. >> good advice. and last but not least, you have an opportunity for one of your viewers. tell us about this give away. >> i'm so excited about this. every single day this week, we're going to have a healthy word of the day. watch the show. when you hear the word go to enter the word in there. we're going to give away $250 to buy groceries. and one winner will get to come to new york city, spend a couple days. we'll have lunch together, workout together. you get a massage and spa. it's worth the prize. pay attention and write the words down. >> we will be looking forward to it. you can catch the dr. oz show at 4:00 p.m. right here on fox 5. thank you, dr. oz. >> a maryland nursing home is facing scrutiny following the
5:18 pm
death of a patient. our fox 5 investigation uncovered a history of health and safety violations at saint thomas moore nursing home. sherry lee is here now with more. >> maryland's health department tell fox 5 it has serious concerns. state inspections have found deficiencies over the last several years. it has so many problems, the facility has been on a nationwide medicare list of nursing homes with poor quality care and it hasn't shown improvement. the state has investigated numerous complaints at the facility this year including one three months ago when a patient died. >> they failed to respond appropriately in an emergency situation and failed to provide the proper care to this patient which resulted in the subcutaneous emphysema. >> did this patient die as a
5:19 pm
result of improper medical care? >> that's how it appears, yes. >> tonight on fox 5 news at 10:00, hear from a former patient and the state's stunning revelations about the facility's problems. >> stunning and alarming rev nations. thank you. >> today was absolutely positively gorgeous. we had to turn on the air conditioner here. it was hot. >> i know. it was hot in the studio and at home i cracking windows. it's like spring weather. it's not, gary. just a really warm day. >> today's temperature are you ready? 72 degrees. a lot of the day we had clouds. we just started saturday kind of transporting the warmer air and got here sunday. yesterday we were right around 70 and today lower 70s. say good-bye. >> gorgeous. >> it's going to change. the clouds have come in and the
5:20 pm
showers eventually arrive overnight tonight. let me show you the radar. you can see the clouds coming across this afternoon and showers back out to the west of us. it will be a while too. there is a chance of a spotty shower this evening. it does look like most of us should stay dry and we end up with the rain coming across. i'll slide back over here. most of these showers are snow showers. they've colorized to white. i'll show you that. gives you an idea the air behind this front much much colder. pretty much area wide. even back to maryland, temperature there is 68 degrees. still a few 70s hanging on down to the south and that's not the right forecast. let's take that down. it didn't get updated . i updated it but didn't get updated. we're talking about 60s for the next several hours.
5:21 pm
clouds mainly and 10 or 11:00, we'll have at least a chance for very spotty shower. most of this rain comes in overnight and gets out of here during the morning hours. and the cooler temperatures in just a bit. >> see you then, gary. thank you. >> could have done this news cast outside today. >> tempers flair and fists flying at the end of a nascar race. we're going to tell you what sparked this brawl. looks like another sport that's for sure. >> redskins are back in action. coming up mike shanahan 's message and also injury updates. what key redskins could be back. that's all coming up as the news at 5:00 continues.
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the bye week is now in the rear view mirror for the redskins. the team returned to the practice field. scott smith joins us now with the latest. >> came at a good time
5:25 pm
providing three game losing spraek and gained ground without playing. the skins are surprisingly just two and a half games out with 7 to go. murphy was at practice today. your sense despite at record they believe they might have a chance to make things interesting down the stretch? >> reporter: yeah, the redskins are feeling good. they are going to get some key players back in the up coming weeks. let's run through this injury list. robert griffin iii had score ribs. he is okay. santana moss had a concussion . he is also okay. they both will play on sunday. brand an sounds opt mistake about being able to go on sunday. he would be a big boost. jamal brown is coming off hip surgery. did practice today for the first time. he's about a couple weeks out from being able to play in game
5:26 pm
action. and garson, he practiced today for the first time since october 14th. there's still pain in my foot. i'm going to have to deal with it but i will give it a go and be able to play on sunday. as for the rest of this team, mike shanahan said they came back refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go. but this team is 3 and 6. they are riding a three game skid and starting this sunday comes a tough division stretch beginning with the eagles and four days later, the cowboys. here is the message for the team. >> got to get ready for second half of the season. got to play best football. we had opportunities in the first half and haven't closed a couple of those games. there's no error. you have to play your best and play it until the end. >> shanahan came in the meeting this morning with base in his voice. the players had swag. call it what you want, we got something special going on. i'm
5:27 pm
not going to promise anything but try my hardest to do something. #12k3w4r players are refreshed. santana moss went down to the bahamas. trent williams said he stayed at home. that's a wrap from out here. >> thanks. a couple days off and go to the bahamas. skins and eagles play sunday. >> thank you. coming up tonight, it was supposed to be a light day for metro. some riders say there were not enough trains this veteran's day holiday. >> it says sold but the house won't cost the owner a dime. he's already earned it. the story coming up. >> and later how a new rating system is helping to take the confusion out of picking appliances. stay with us. let's play:
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[ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help you eat right. [ major nutrition ] ensure complete. nutrition in charge. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. nd it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. on this veteran's day, a
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young man who has sacrificed so much is being given a life changing gift. a new home. friends and strangers made it happen. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: it's moving day. john is a marine who earned two purple hearts. today he's being given a house. he has given much more than that. >> i remember seeing my guys, i kept blacking out. all i remember is saying i don't want to die here. i ain't going to die in this place. >> he woke up two and a half months later and learned he had been hit by an ied. he lost all four limbs. >> at first, there were very extremely rough days. i was not a pleasant person. >> but he has adjusted and today he gets his freedom thanks to the work to two foundations. >> the homes are given to him free and clear. >> the kitchen sink is mounted
5:32 pm
for him. the cabinets move. >> a lot of what's in the house is motion sensored. you step into the bathroom and the toilet seat pops up. over here you can waive in front of it and the sink turns on. >> he can run all of the electronics from an ipad. american heritage homes built the house. >> my husband fought vietnam. i have a son currently in candahar. and 19-year-old son who is looking to go into the service after college. so i see sergeant john pack and i see one of my boys. >> particularly on veteran's day when you can give a home to a hero, it doesn't get any better than this. i'm grateful and humble and can't even put into words how much that i feel that they did so much hard work for this. >> he asks one thing in return. >> even if you are walking
5:33 pm
opposite ways, if you see someone that kind of fits the profile of a veteran or in the military, it takes less than 10 seconds to say thank you. >> it was a great day. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the medal of honor is the highest military honor in the u.s. awarded for acts of valor above and beyond. fewer of 90 recipients living today and some of them sponsor a program called citizen service before self honors. nationwide search for ordinary citizens. average joe who has acted. actions in the vietnam war. on any day we're honored to have you here but especially on veteran's day. >> thank you for having me. >> you bet. you were a first lieutenant in the army. let's start out with how you became a medal of honor recipient. you allowed your men to retreat and get out. and you stayed behind.
5:34 pm
you did something extraordinary . what did you do? >> well, i had one option left and that was to call artillery on my own position. it was known to everybody. for blocking fire. so that we could separate. >> so friendly fire on your position? >> well, yes. >> extraordinary. and in trying to get out yourself, you eventually became surrounded and hid in a bamboo stick for 8 days. correct. >> i'd say you did okay. you got out okay . but 8 days without food or water. how did you do that? >> i had a lot of help. that's the time that you become spiritual. and you become preoccupied with the requirement for water and eventually that's all you think about.
5:35 pm
that and staying quiet. >> and after 8 days you did manage to get out. lots of healing, i know. you are in the nomination for this process. about 55 nominations so far. what are you looking for? >> we're looking for -- it's hard to say. it's easy to understand but hard to say. we're looking for people who looking at a potentially tragic difficult situation. step forward to help somebody in trouble. and then we're looking for somebody to document that and submit that for us for review so we can compare them and see if there will be a selectee for citizen's honors. >> usually folks who are on the front lines and see these stories right? >> actually, for a police
5:36 pm
officer, it would have to be extraordinary. >> no, but i'm saying they are on the front lines, they see the stories firsthand on the front lines of citizens who do heroic actions. >> every application the documented by a first reporter or first responder in a reporting system somewhere. >> sure sure. >> they don't get all the facts but document as it happened. >> three nominees will be awarded in march next year. let me do the big pitch here. you can go to the csbsh web site or facebook page that's often being used as well. we've posted them under web links on thank you for sharing your story and inspiring all of us. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> fox 5 is monitoring metro tonight. and complaints that metro isn't providing enough trains during weekend and
5:37 pm
holiday track work. the action committee says there were only one train for every 20 minutes above friendship heights this morning. that forced a lot of you to find other ways to get around. the rail system is operating on a saturday schedule. crews are doing repair work on the red, orange and green lines and single tracking is taking affect. >> coming up tonight, it could go a long way toward easing the congestion. >> and later, you are going to hear from the good samaritans who jumped into action to save a man from a burning car. stay with us. with us. have a good night. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours.
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the superintendent gave his first state of the schools today. dr. josh says the school system is full of successes with the national reputation for excellence. now it must move
5:41 pm
forward. >> what our children need to know and be able to do is different than it was just 10 years ago. we must build on our many strengths while not resting on past successes. i came to montgomery county to help chart a new past to the future. and we must be prepared to make that road by walking. we must build that future together. >> going forward students will need to be good communicators thinkers and problem solvers who work well with people from different perspectives. >> leaders might dedicate lanes on busy roads to buses. the washington post ease traffic congestion and planners are hoping commuters will take the bus instead of driving. route 29 and georgia avenue as possible locations. county coincidence
5:42 pm
council will have to approve the proposal later this week. >> coming up tonight, how technology is taking the pain out of picking a new appliance. >> and we could see showers overnight. gary is back with your extended forecast. 
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
picking a new appliance can be confusing. all the brands and find out which one is right for you. and for now, the technology is only available to consumers in the dc area. laura evans is here now. >> when i first saw this i thought another story about appliances. but this is really cool. when you go to the store this helps you cut to the chase to save money and buy a product that's more energy owe fish ent. there was no way to tell how much a product would cost you to run until now. >> kristy is looking for a coffee maker. >> this one is $53. i'm interested in having
5:46 pm
a low cost initially when i purchase the coffee maker but i don't want my energy cost to go up. >> john had the same concern when he was shopping. >> i couldn't find any information that could tell me which one was more environmental friendly. >> that information wasn't available anywhere. >> so he started sevinia labs. >> we do consumer research inform find out how consumers use these products and take those into a testing laboratory and test each and every product to find out how much energy they use. >> two coffee makers could cost you $100 in the store. but coffee maker number 1 cost you $200 to run over five years while number 2 only cost you $35 to run over five years. the rating system lays that out for you. it also takes into account the zip code and the cost of
5:47 pm
energy in that area. logan hardware just started using the rating system. gina says she's thrilled with it. >> we are selling more appliances because of it. you think i just want a coffee pot and want it to be pretty. >> did you find everything you needed today? >> i did. >> and you find out you can have something smart about your purchase. >> i'll see you next time. >> okay. thanks. >> at this point , rating the most frequently used appliances. coffee makers, humidifiers. hoping to expand his rating systems to use all -- to all things that use a plug. so everybody can use this. >> very cool and useful information. thanks. >> some folks hoping they have an ac, maybe plug that in today. last night it was so warm. >> it's been very mild a couple days in a row the 70s even with the clouds, it was 72 today. how about that? >> stick around for a while.
5:48 pm
>> i wish it could stick around for a couple months. >> we have about a 20 to 25 degree drop. pretty substantial little cold wave headed our way. we'll have all the forecasts for you in just a bit. one thing is for sure. starting tonight and you are really going to feel it tomorrow. and most of this week looks like it's going to be turning off colder out there. say good-bye to the 70s and we talked about that last week. telling everybody to just enjoy what's going on with this weekend. 53 degrees for a high tomorrow. that's going to be about almost 20 degrees or so cooler. and as we get into wednesday, we will be much much cooler with a high of only 50. the rain comes in tonight and lasts for most of the morning hours tomorrow. we should be drier in the afternoon. 67 out here. we've cooled off a little bit. still hanging on to lower
5:49 pm
70s down for fredericksburg. middle 60s. and way out to the west, still sitting in the middle 60s. here's the forecast for the evening hours. clouds at 7:00. spotty shower by 9:00 and that will carry on through the evening hours. i have to believe though that most of this evening is going to be dry. the rain is still way back out to the west of us. and you can see right here on satellite and radar together, there's a couple little spotty showers trying to pop up on this side of the mountains. most of this is going to be evaporating and on over to the west. i think most of the rain will come through with this main batch overnight tonight. and it will be with us for most of the evening hours or morning hours, pardon me. all of this is being driven by a frontal system through ohio right now. and earlier i showed you the snow. it's no big deal with you represents how cold the air mass is farther to the west
5:50 pm
and the northwest. the up michigan northern sections, the snow is flying out there. and probably see some snow into chicago as well. future cast shows tonight at 6:00, that's where the rain is. we just showed you that. watch how it comes on across. and by tomorrow morning, still some lingering rain here. so unfortunately it looks like the morning commute will be wet. that's never a good thing. it will clear out of here. break into sunshine by the afternoon. and means that tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening's commute will stay dry. the winds will be blustery behind the front and feel colder. 49 tonight. winds will be picking up 10 to 20 miles an hour. as the showers come through, not expecting thunder storms and not expecting anything heavy. may amount to a quarter of an inch, some places could get a half an inch tomorrow, late morning. and again with the winds, it's
5:51 pm
going to feel chilly and the winds will stay with us through the day tomorrow. we start off around 50 degrees and we're only going to warmup for the lower 50s tomorrow. fox 5 accu weather 7 day forecast, a far cry from the 70s we just had. wednesday looks cool. 50 for a high. warmer on thursday. 52 -- i should say there's at least a chance that as we get into late thursday, we might have a couple showers. but no big deal. for the most part it looks dry. and we have unsettled weather coming in. >> thanks, gary. looked more like a hockey game than a race car after jeff gordan crashed. then the fight was on. members of boyer's
5:52 pm
crew confronted members of gordon's crew. been getting under his skin all year long crashing into him and he just had enough of all of it. the talk of the town on tmz, the voice of elmo accused of a relationship with an under aged boy. we did speak about this earlier in the broadcast. he denies the allegations so what now? >> well, what now is that for some reason, he has taken a leave of absence from sesame street. we've been working on this story for five days. the puzzling thing is he's saying that the relationship he had with after the boy became an adult he's now 23, sesame street is backing that saying that they don't believe there's any evidence of under age affair there. nonetheless, he has taken the leave to say he needs
5:53 pm
to deal with the defamation issue. i don't know what that means. why you basically quit your job temporarily to do what? he's not going public or anything. so there's something more to this. and i don't know whether sesame street told him but it is interesting that one of the things that sesame street told us was that they said look, elmo is bigger than anyone person. and i think what they are saying is don't tie elmo to this guy. >> and maybe he's doing the same. on behalf of sesame street saying take care of this and come back. >> let me change gears. first they broke up and now justin bieber says he is not giving up on selina gomez. so what's going on? >> well, sadly, i know something
5:54 pm
about this. >> it's your job right? >> i know but it bothers me i even know about this. we broke this story yesterday that justin bieber believes he's going to get back with selena. they are kids and they broke up a lot. this is not the first time they've broken up. they have broken up numerous times and then they get back together. will it happen again? i don't know. justin thinks it will. he thinks he's going to get back with her. and when you think about it, he's such a huge star. pretty magnetic guy that if he wants to get back with her, she'll probably come back to him. that's the way the relationship has gone. please don't ask me any more about justin bieber's love life. >> i'm sure fans are happy to see them together. thanks as always. >> okay. see ya. >> i was at a dinner party on saturday. they have a
5:55 pm
12-year-old girl. 15-year-old girl. those pictures are everywhere. >> let's check in now for a look at 6:00. >> through his eyes an artist shares his stories of war veterans by paintings. who really rules the road? a new study suggests women do. and black thursday is the new black friday. retailers are duking it out. those stories and much more on the news just ahead.
5:56 pm
now this is a party. mmm. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. try a 3 piece combo for just $5.
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in celebration of over 75 years of our goverernment employees i propose savings for everyone! and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! too bad nobody could hear me.
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in california, two good samaritans being called heroes after risking their life. it happened early sunday morning. the man was driving on the freeway when his car hit the center divider, flipped over and burst into flames. >> the car was on fire, i was thinking i didn't know whether or not it was going to explode. we just needed to get them out
5:59 pm
as fast as possible. >> i was just driving by and they ask who has knife. i'm a security officer so i had a knife. i pulled him out and the car started blowing up. >> the driver suffered minor injuries and later arrested on the suspicion of driving under the influence. thanks so much for joining us. >> the knew at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> tonight on the news edge, washington's latest sex scandal showing no signs of going away. calls from some in congress with more answers. david patraeus will testify about the affair that led to his resignation. who is paula broadwell? >> brian, while we cannot tell you tonight exactly where paula is. we can tell you a birthday party was planned at her brother's hou

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